Applying AI-powered quantification services to the realm of cryptocurrency assets, we assist clients in effortlessly profiting

The vision of VLVT DeFi is to become a global leader in AI-powered quant trading systems, simplifying trading and creating value for customers, opportunities for employees, and benefits for society.

By utilizing VLVT DeFi, all users can engage in efficient and scientific investments while maintaining complete autonomy over their personal assets

We aim to establish a developer community to encourage more users and enterprises to participate in the ecosystem construction of VLVT DeFi. This will help global users access a secure, convenient, and efficient decentralized digital finance era.

A groundbreaking AI service platform
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Trades between Stablecoins

VLVT DeFi and stablecoin trading

“A globally leading AI-powered quant trading system that simplifies trading, creates value for customers

generates opportunities for employees, and contributes to the overall societal benefits”

Low Capital Threshold

VLVT DeFi caters to the characteristics of the cryptocurrency market by providing investment plans suitable for people from all walks of life. Users can exchange any amount of fiat currency from mainstream countries into cryptocurrencies for quant trading.

Competitive Advantage

VLVT DeFi stands out as one of the few platforms globally that allows high-frequency trend tracking system trading. Most existing quant trading platforms in the market are limited to arbitrage trading, which fails to maximize our investment interests.

Diversified Strategies

VLVT DeFi employs a multi-strategy management model, utilizing funds flexibly with short time cycles. It is not affected by market prices, resulting in high returns that can be withdrawn at any time.

Profit Sharing

To foster a better user ecosystem, the platform not only provides users with trading income from the secondary market but also offers profit-sharing opportunities. Users can earn long-term commission rewards by referring friends to join.

Video introductions about the VLVT DeFi protocol and its products that you need to know about

The intelligent trend tracking system is a system that utilizes big data and artificial intelligence technology to predict market trends and make investment decisions.

Investment Strategies of VLVT DeFi

Proven Track Record
in the Market
Theoretical Foundation
Offers various strategy
combinations to meet
market demands in different periods
VLVT DeFi applies well-established and effective
  • Real-time exchange rate tracking, accurate control
  • Flexible storage, withdrawal, and consumption
  • Control of Risks and Uncertainty Factors
Beta Timing Strategy
  • The key to profitability in the Beta timing strategy lies in the ability to match factors with market conditions. To achieve this, VLVT DeFi has developed a high-frequency order detection system that operates 24/7.

  • The strategy is characterized by its high accuracy, non-leveraged operations, and clear trading plans.

  • It maximizes the safety of trading funds.

Data Visualization and Analysis Tool
  • VLVT DeFi has developed a data visualization and analysis tool that plays a crucial role in intelligent trend tracking investments.

  • This tool primarily collects a large amount of data and utilizes techniques such as data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to analyze and extract valuable information and trends.

The Development Journey of VLVT DeFi

VLVT DeFi1.0
  • Continuing to improve AI-based quantitative trading services, a digital asset investment platform, and an encrypted digital asset ecosystem composed of a community, providing users with a wider range of financial services.
VLVT DeFi2.0
  • Developing decentralized exchange functionality, including support for fiat currencies, other on-chain contracts, Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, high-speed and low-fee exchanges, and contract exchanges. Introducing the VLVT DeFi platform token, launching a futures contract market, and supporting the trading of TRC-20, ERC-20, cross-chain assets, and various off-chain assets.
VLVT DeFi 3.0
  • In the 3.0 phase, we will deepen our AI technology and introduce intelligent investment advisors based on the latest algorithms and an automated loan approval system. Introducing cross-chain bridging technology and launching innovative stablecoins.
VLVT DeFi 4.0
  • In the 4.0 phase, we will further develop AI technology and introduce an intelligent trading system with autonomous learning capabilities. Strengthening our services in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, integrating blockchain technology with IoT devices, and promoting the development of decentralized financial services within the IoT ecosystem.

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Proposals and Voting
Community members can put forward suggestions and proposals, and make decisions through voting, and each member has equal right to speak and vote.

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MEC has set up a reward mechanism to stimulate the activity and creativity of the community.

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